About Me

I have studied computer science at the Technical University of Dortmund (Dortmund, Germany), almost finished a (modulo the final thesis) a second studies in mathematics at the Technical University of Dortmund (Dortmund, Germany) and the FernUniveristät in Hagen (Hagen, Germany). I have obtained a PhD at the University of Lugano (Lugano, Switzerland) with a thesis about "Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization - From Theory to Practice". After that I did a PostDoc in the working group of Maria Grazia Speranza at the University of Brescia (Brescia, Italy), which was funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation through an Early PostDoc.Mobiliy fellowship.

After that I left academia and made a transition into software engineering.
My first position was at Dectris (Baden, Switzerland) , a high-tech company which develops X-ray detectors. I was working on the data acquisition pipeline which had to process up to 160GB/s on a single server. In my 20 months at Dectris I led the transition from the existing pipeline towards a modern and more efficient pipeline, where I shaped the architecture and made sure that the codebase is ready for whatever comes in the future.
After that I worked for 9 months at Oculus (Zurich, Switzerland) on tracking technology which is currently used in the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Rift S.
Currently, I am employed at Google (Zurich, Switzerland).

I am a passionate software engineer and enjoy designing and implementing high quality software. More about this topic can be found on my blog. During my time in academia, my main research interests were stochastic combinatorial optimization, operations research, heuristics and theoretical computer science.
Apart from software engineering and research I have many more interests, including among others philosophy, economy, sports and music (piano). I deeply enjoy discussions about topics ranging from social and economical problems to the current research system and how it can be improved. In the future I will present some of my interests and ideas more in detail on this website.


In case you would like to contact me, please use the following email address: dennisweyland (at) gmail (dot) com